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I love using technology to be a multiplier of human effort, especially when helping people pursue a cause for social good. I've spent the large majority of my career enabling all kinds of organizations achieve their social purpose, by ensuring that doctors are efficiently communicating, community services can provide accurate and timely help, ensuring developers can iterate and deliver quickly, and helping organizations safeguard the vulnerable people in their care. All of these objectives have been achieved through a interesting mixes of both new, and "boring" technology. I'd like to continue working to multiply the effectiveness of causes that I believe in through my love of software.

>Code Skills

The core skillset that I've been using has been centred around Python, node.js, and React. I've also had prior experience with many other languages, and can pick up new Frameworks, infrastructure, and languages with ease. Most of my experience lie with both software, and infrastructure back-end specifics of either monolithic, or microservice-based RESTful services. I am also a competent front-end developer, and have created UIs that are in every day use by end-users.

>Infrastructure Skills

I am a passionate Linux user, and though I currently use MacOS for my development environment, I am well versed in using Linux for every day desktop tasks as well as using both Docker, and Virtualized Linux almost every day. I always focus on getting security right, and building on top of a solid foundation of infrastructure on any variant of *nix that is required.

Other technologies I've had every-day use of include AWS (EC2, EKS, RDS, CloudFormation, Lambda, etc), ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Kubernetes. I've also had experience with many more infrastructure automation and management tools not listed here; some of these are listed in my employment history below.

>Employment History


More employment history available on request, or at thatpanda.com



[1]: http://www.meetup.com/Infrastructure-Coders/events/127899532/
[2]: https://github.com/github/scientist
[3]: http://www.meetup.com/melbourne-search/events/187267272/
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